Basic ideas for creating simple yet interesting music video projects running on a tight budget

Creative and powerful music video production ideas that will help you get a project done with a small budget
A music video can be an extremely complex project to complete and it all depends on the idea and the production costs necessary to bring it to life. If you are working on a music video under a tight budget, these are some tips that can help you simplify the project while giving your viewers an interesting visual experience.

How to properly service and clean your photo lenses to be ready for use and storage

Essential steps to easily keep your photo lenses clean and serving you for years to come
The quality and look of images depend on a variety of factors: photographer's skills, camera sensor, lens quality, lighting, etc., but nothing can be more annoying than taking a great photograph and finding out there are lots of black specs or artifacts coming from dirty lens optics ruining your wonderful composition. You may think it's an easy fix with photoshop but you are really better off by making sure your lenses are always clean and ready to shoot. These are some simple steps to keep them in top-notch condition.

Basic Sound Design tips for film editing article on how to effectively design and use sound in film projects to convey the message of your story
Whenever we face the hard task of editing a new film project there is an opportunity to mix footage and sound in a way that will deeply and strongly convey the message or scope of such project. The following tips are meant to help you explore ways of using sound to boost the visual effect of the footage and lift the viewer's experience to a whole new level.