About Filmaroid

Company Information


Filmaroid is a division of Munduslingua S.A.
Registered in Panama. Designed, developed and maintained in Colombia


April, 2017

Our Mission

Filmaroid is a marketplace of royalty free stock (photos, video and audio) at affordable prices. Aimed at avant garde and modern art projects, we strive to produce digital assets that are highly sought after by artists, filmmakers, musicians, editors, publicists, art students, videographers, web & app designers, and others involved in the audiovisual world. Our goal is to become the number one source for stock photos, videos and sounds by offering a large database of carefully curated contents which are available for individual purchase, without the need to buy extensive libraries or hurting one’s budget.

What does Filmaroid offer?

Filmaroid offers three main digital assets:

  1. Photos: High Resolution images in the Highest Quality JPEG format.
  2. Video footage: Full HD & 4K video clips in MOV (24 fps - CINE) format.
  3. Audio: High Quality sound files in WAV (48kHz, 16 Bit) format.