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Video creation ideas and tools that make an impact
Last modified on: Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Who doesn't want captivating, engaging videos that drive many people to whatever it is that is being promoted or advertised? This article provides a few tips and a great tool to help you stand out in the frenzy of today's social media.

  • Let's stand out with something other than simply great content

    Everybody talks about the importance of creating great content, and that content quality is essential. The reality is "yes," content quality is very important; but what happens when we are all creating great content? We are clever and talented, and the reality is that social media is full with amazing people who create fantastic content.
  • The power of video

    Pictures are great, but videos are epic! This one is probably being overlooked; however, let's learn from current trends. With short-form videos being more and more present in today's world, it's not a surprise that social media platforms like Instagram start to prefer posts in the form of video over those containing only photos. You're right: video posts take perhaps longer to create, but the payoff is not the same; and with 15 seconds being the length of most Stories, Reels, and TikTok posts, people are already used to watching extremely short videos. This is an advantage for us as content creators, because making stunning short videos can be done in a matter of minutes.
  • Go straight to the point

    Short-form videos are, of course, short. Use this to your advantage: go straight to the point and tell your audience whatever it is you want to tell them in a few seconds. This allows us, over a short period of time, to be back on social media several times with the same message, all while we…
  • Turn the ordinary into the new extraordinary

    The idea then is to keep our amazing content quality while adding a fresh, captivating twist. For this, we could transform, for example, a video of a cute cat in a way that is unusually appealing, for instance by playing with colors–think of Andy Warhol and how he transformed Marilyn Monroe's face in a way that we all remember today–, by adding masks that allow only certain parts of the video to be visible–we can use in addition masks that display a short message such as "smile," "joy," etc., to add an emotion–, or by using video overlays to alter the viewer's perception. Think of how Instagram made itself known with its beautiful filters; the idea is to transform the viewer's perception in beautiful, yet unseen ways.
  • Creating a new extraordinary in Filmaroid's lab

    At last, time for a simple tool to help us give our videos that innovative twist. Filmaroid's lab helps you create unusually captivating short-form videos, the star of content marketing in 2020 and the near future. Whether we want to create videos for TikTok, Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, Twitter, or Facebook, we can choose from a variety of looks that you'll hardly find somewhere else. The tool is free when we upload our own video (a watermark is added in this case), or paid when we choose a video or music track from Filmaroid's marketplace of royalty free stock for avant garde and modern art projects (no watermark in this case). You can give it a try by clicking the round image below "Related content."

As a closing thought, it is clear that short-form videos will continue to appeal audiences more in the world of social media. Whatever our message is, we should regularly include short videos in our posts to not only appear more often in people's feeds, but also to attract audiences in ever-new ways. Let's create now the new extraordinary!

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