HD & 4K Footage - A collection of stock footage about Nature

  • Exotic and large red ants working and carrying bits of flowers from a tree - A group of large red ants working as a team to carry down bits of yellow flowers from a mossy tree trunk during one summer afternoon in a fresh garden

    Large red ants carrying bits of flowers

  • Adult iguana resting by lake shore on grass - Beautiful adult South American iguana resting by a lake shore and warming up on grass during one hot summer afternoon in an exotic landscape

    Adult iguana resting peacefully by lake

  • Swans and ducks swimming in a river - A large group of swans, ducks and other birds swimming in a river and flying around

    Swans and ducks swimming in a river

  • Driving on winter road - Tall pine trees covered with snow decorate a winter road landscape

    Driving on winter road

  • Pair of mallard ducks drinking water and relaxing in a lake shore - A pair of South American Mallard mixed ducks drinking water and taking a bath in a lake

    Ducks drinking water and resting in lake

  • Eucalyptus tree trunk and bark moving with wind - A eucalyptus tree bark moving with the wind during one foggy afternoon

    Eucalyptus tree trunk and bark

  • Garden fountain and plants - Detail shot of a modern round garden fountain with colorful plants on the background

    Garden fountain and colorful plants

  • Mountain top with dense fog - Dense fog moving across a mountain top framed by tall pine trees and vegetation

    Foggy mountain top

  • Dense fog across rainforest branches trees - Dense fog moving across very large rainforest

    Foggy mystical forest