HD & 4K Footage - A collection of stock footage about Food

  • 4k footage of coffee espresso preparation using an italian moka pot - Using the iconic and stylish italian moka pot to make delicious espresso for all sorts of coffee drinks

    4k drink footage of coffee preparation using an italian moka pot

  • Cooking and mixing tomato sauce with kitchen wooden stirring spoon - Cooking and mixing a bright red tomato sauce using a big kitchen wooden stirring spoon

    Cuisine footage cooking and mixing tomato sauce in pan

  • Preparing and frying colombian plantain toasts - Preparing and frying a set of Colombian "Tostadas de plátano", cooking bananas or plantain toasts

    Cuisine footage preparing Colombian plantain toasts

  • Fennel flowers and lettuce organic field crops - Organic field crop with fennel flowers and lettuce

    Organic food crops with assorted plants

  • Hand tossing warm and steamy white rice gently with a spoon - A hand tossing warm freshly cooked rice with a spoon

    White rice presented in cooking pot

  • Colombian tamal served with white rice - A Colombian tamal being served with traditional white rice

    Colombian cuisine - Serving a delicious tamal

  • Set of colombian tamales being cooked in boiling water with lots of steam - A couple of Colombian tamales cooking in kitchen pot with boiling water and lots of steam visible

    Colombian typical cuisine tamal

  • Tamal valluno being cooked lots of steam - Cooking a Colombian tamal in a kitchen pot with lots of steam

    Colombian cuisine - Steamy pot cooking a set of tamales

  • Tamal valluno being cooked in boiling water - A Colombian tamal being cooked in kitchen pot with boiling water

    Colombian cuisine - Cooking a typical tamal