Royalty free license and usage - Frequently Asked Questions

Royalty free licenses

These frequently asked questions cover all aspects related with royalty free licenses and their usage.

What is royalty free?

Royalty free refers to the use of photos, videos and audio in personal and commercial projects without the need to credit Filmaroid or pay royalties for each use. It is basically the right to use all materials found on our website freely without the need to pay extra fees whenever you make money with projects, products and services where our photos, videos and audio are present.

Are royalty free photos, videos and audio truly free?

No. Royalty free or copyright free rather means that you only pay once for the right to use the photos, videos and audio. As royalties (a sum of money that is normally paid to the owner of a photo, video or audio each time one utilizes or earns money with a product or service that uses the owner's work) must be paid when using copyright material, a royalty free or copyright free material releases you from paying costly fees to the owner for each use. This is very important as the unauthorized use of copyright material may result in copyright infringement penalties which include fines and, sometimes, even imprisonment.

What is meant by stock photo, stock video and stock audio?

It means professional photos, videos and audio which are sold on a royalty-free model.

When I buy something which is royalty free, do I become the owner of that thing?

No. When buying, for instance a royalty free stock photo, you do not become the owner of that photo. What you actually buy is a license (a permission) to use the photo in personal and commercial projects without having to pay royalties or extra fees.

What is a license?

A license is a permission to use royalty free material in both personal and commercial projects. The reason to buy a license is to have the right to use royalty free material in all kinds of projects including films, animations, video games, music, etc., which can then be sold to other people without having to pay royalties or extra money.

For how long is a license valid?

It depends on the type of license. In the case of Filmaroid, all royalty free stock photos, royalty free videos and royalty free audio can be used by the person who buys the license for an unlimited time.

How many stock photos, stock videos and stock audio clips does a license cover?

A license covers only 1 stock photo, video or audio. This means that if you need 1 photo, 1 video and 1 audio, you should buy 3 licenses in total.

How do I prove that I am the owner of a license for a specific stock photo, video or audio?

You should keep the receipt that is given to you after payment is completed. In the case of Filmaroid, the receipt includes the name of the royalty free photo, video or audio which you have paid for.